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We Have All Of Your Hot Rod Custom Parts & Accessories

Our specialty in hot rod parts is the fact that you can buy many of those really hard to find engine prices or body parts that just aren’t common. We often get compliments on our parts based on quality and ease to find. Our product line is driven by our passion to create unique parts for customizing nostalgic rides, and we welcome customer requests. Our goal is to support do-it-yourself hot rodders with quality products and services that enhance your building experience and save you time and money.

Services we currently offer beyond the products listed include custom part engineering, design and manufacturing; fabrication and TIG/MIG welding; hot rod and custom car building; and small production runs for your own company’s product line. We want to keep traditional hot rodding alive. See you on the road!

Bomber Style Seats

Our Bomber Style Seats are perfect for a real hot rod that actually hits the road! You won’t just have the bomber seat style, but you will have much more of a comfy ride as well. The Bomber Style Seats are typically sold in pairs and are available in red, white or black with a vertical pleat formed by heat on the vinyl and black with a diamond stitch pattern. We can also make custom width seats upon request if the standard size doesn’t work for your particular application.


We are proud to announce a full air bagged, mandrel bent chassis to slam your Model A hot rod without compromising suspension geometry and ride quality. This chassis is “Hot Rod Simplicity with Adjustable Ride Height.” Some popular features include: Brand new 4″ drop tube front axle with early ford spindles, Triangulated 4-link rear suspension using huge 1.5″ OD bars, New Dutchman Motorsports Ford 9″ Rear end with 31 spline axles, 100% TIG welded and all brackets are CNC cut for accuracy.

Door Panels

These door panels are a unique and affordable way to finish your interior. The interior door panels are made from .060″ aluminum with a pleated vinyl panel attached with a riveted aluminum trim strip. We use the same material as the bomber style seats so we can match the seats if preferred with style and color. Door panels are design to fit stock applications as listed but may require some minor trimming and fitting to be exact. These are sold and priced as a pair of door panels.

Drill Guides

This Wheel Bolt/Lug Drill Guides enable you to drill out your axle and drum to a different bolt pattern. There is no need to purchase new axles to simply change the bolt/lug pattern. This will enable you to save money on axle replacement/re-machining, seals, lube and labor. You will need these tools: low speed drill, cutting oil, and torque wrench. Parts included are: the drill guide and a set of sharp drill bits. If the multi-patterned drill guide is purchased red caps are included.


Our flanges are cut with a CNC HD Plasma cutter out of 3/8″ Pickled and Oiled steel. P&O material is hot rolled steel that has been dipped in acid to remove the mill scale and coated with oil. The end result is less work to clean off the mill scale as needed with hot rolled mild steel. These flanges are designed in CAD and are test fit to make sure proper fitment is achieved. Our flange products include exhaust/header flanges, intake flanges, one-piece exhaust/intake flanges and turbo flanges.

Lake Header Kits

Let us help you enhance the performance and achieve the old school hot rod look on your project with a Lake Header Kit. This is a. great way for you to customize your project and get a set of headers that fit your specific build without the “universal” look with off of the shelf headers. We’ve got a variety of kits for you to choose from for your Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Mopar, Oldsmobile and Pontiac engines. We have the largest selection on the lake header kits available anywhere.

Mandrel Bends

There are several uses for mandrel bends….exhaust tubing, downpipes, intakes, etc. They work well for intercooler pipes or intake tubing. The smoothness of the mandrel bends allows for optimal airflow unlike typical exhaust benders, which create a crushed/crinkled bend that impedes airflow, decreases optimal airflow, creates turbulent flow and is not aesthetically nice looking. Create custom headers or exhaust system with our assortment of mandrel bends.

Plasma Tracer

Reproduce parts quickly and accurately with a professional grade Plasma Tracer from Hells Gate Hot Rods. This tool will take patterns from any material, then cut a finished part from steel or aluminum. If you ever need to make more than just one part, this can do it effortlessly and accurately without spending thousands on a computer controlled plasma table. This simple tool will let you design patterns out of easily cut materials, then rapidly and accurately reproduce them.

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