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How To Start On Your Hot Rod Build?

Building a hot rod should be a fun and exciting process that is enjoyable. Getting off on the right foot in a hot rod build is key to you having success. Many projects are started and few are ever finished. Creating a plan early in the process, will help you to finish the project with success. Knowing where to get quality hot rod parts, like those sold at Hells Gate Hot Rods, will be essential to you having a hot rod for years to come.

There are certain things that you will need to know before you get started on your hot rod project. This information will help you to create a game plan that will allow you to get the most out of your time and money. How to Build Hot Rods has suggested some ways to start your hot rod build. This article lays out four things you should consider before you dive into your hot rod build. They are:

Build What You Can Afford

First, you need to decide what type of hot rod you can afford. This may include how much money you could give a build within a certain period of time. There are numerous examples of individuals getting in over their heads financially. When this occurs, projects are never completed and dreams are never realized. Take the time to create a plan that details the amount of money you can put in financially each month. This will help you meet your goal.

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Build What You Want

You need to build something that you have a real interest in. If you are building a hot rod, you most likely have a favorite that comes to mind. Make sure that when you build your hot rod it is the one you have always wanted. If it is not the hot rod that you have dreamed of, then interest can be lost and the project may not be completed. The next thing about building what you want is whether or not you have the financial means to build it. With the right planning, you should be able to build exactly what you want. If you do not have enough money to build what you want, take more time to build it and save money. Buy what you can. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

How To Save Money

It may be tempting to buy a car that is dirt cheap, however, this should be avoided to save money in the long run. Cheap cars are cheap for a reason. Often, they are cheap because they are incomplete or in rough shape. They are missing many of the original parts that could have been used for the build. Replacing all of the missing parts with new hot rod parts is usually way more expensive than paying a little more money upfront for a more complete car or truck. You can’t just look at the missing parts either. You must factor in the labor that will have to be put into an incomplete car. If there is a car that is super cheap, but covered in rust, you will have to spend tremendous amounts of time replacing panels and sanding the car to get it ready for the next steps.

Don’t Get Burned Out

Finally, the key is to not overdo it and get frustrated with the project. It should be fun installing new hot rod parts. This is your dream and probably the thing that consumes most of your thoughts while you are at work. A good idea is to never take the car completely apart. Often, this leaves people confused and frustrated because it is a lot easier to break a car down than it is to put it back together. Focusing on certain parts of the hot rod at a time will keep you organized and allow you to complete your hot rod in a systematic manner.

Overall, it is important to build your hot rod as you want to build it. Having the right plan and putting in the time will allow you to produce the hot rod that you have always wanted. Taking time in the beginning to create a plan to navigate the build, will save you both time and money and save you from unnecessary stress.

Where Should You Look For Hot Rod Parts?

Looking for hot rod parts used to be a chore. Trying to find the parts you were looking for usually involved rummaging through heaps of old cars at the salvage yard. Hot Rod spoke concerning this issue, “choices were limited when it came to finding parts. We either had to clean up the original items on our cars and make the best of them, or try to find used items in better condition than the parts on our car.”

Technology and the popularity of hot rods has certainly made it easier to find aftermarket hot rod parts that you need. The following are excellent places to search for your hot rod parts:

  • Salvage Yards: These can still be great places to find parts for your hot rod at cheap prices. The problem with salvage yards is that they are hit and miss for the parts you are looking for, which means a lot of time can be wasted without any success. Also they are getting harder to find that still have the old cars and hot rods around.
  • Brick and Mortar Stores: You may be able to find the parts that you need at local brick and mortar stores. If you can find these parts, it may be more expensive. but can save a lot of time searching for parts and you can physically hold the part prior to purchasing.
  • Swap Meets: Getting together with other like-minded individuals can help you find the parts that you need. These meets are great to find the hot rods parts that you may need to finish your build. They are found all over the country most times of the year and you have a very good chance of finding the parts you need all in a weekend.
  • Online Auctions: One of the best places to get parts at a cheap price are online auctions. Being able to bid on parts that you need, can allow you to obtain these parts for minute amounts of money. The most common site is of course eBay Motors.
  • Online Hot Rod Stores: The internet has made many things convenient for us and finding the parts you want falls under that umbrella. Online stores allow you to find the parts from the comforts of your home or even while working on your hot rod. Prices are usually very fair when ordering from these stores. Also, many of these stores are operated by expert hot rodders that can help you make the right decisions in the parts that you need. The internet has made it possible for niche companies to sell “hard to find” or uncommon parts that the larger companies aren’t interested in producing or selling.

It should be comforting to know that you can find almost any part that you will need to complete your hot rod project. With a little bit of organization and saving, you will have the means to afford all the hot rod parts that you will need for your build.

How Can Hells Gate Hot Rods Help You?

Hells Gate Hot Rods (HGHR) has bridged the difficult gap in finding the parts that you need for your hot rod build. If you are tired of trying to find parts, HGHR has started to manufacture several hard to find parts. These parts are made through quality processes and the materials themselves are of the highest quality. Even though we may not carry the part you are looking for at Hells Gate Hot Rods, we may be able to build the custom part that you need, or track it down through the industry.

We have the knowledge and experience to lead you down the right path in finishing your hot rod project. We want you to enjoy creating hot rods as much as we do. If you have questions about your hot rod build or need help with a part, contact us.

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