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Ford Model A – Door Panel

A unique and affordable way to finish your interior! These interior door panels are made from .063″ aluminum with a
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Door panels are one of those hot rod parts that instantly adds a stylish finishing touch to the interior of your vehicle. As functional as they are aesthetically pleasing, door panels serve to protect and cover the car door’s internal mechanisms.

The installation of door panels is a consideration for any genuine hot rod lover. Whether restoring a car or building one from scratch, the installation of new door panels can help your hot rod feel unique and more complete while maintaining its authenticity. They also allow you to add your own personal touch to your vehicle’s interior.

Door Panels By Hells Gate Hot Rods

HGHR’s door panels are made in-house in our Idaho shop, just like most of our hot rod parts. Each and every door panel is made with the finest workmanship from 0.060” aluminum 6061. Each door panel also features a pleated vinyl panel that is attached to the door panel with a riveted aluminum trim strip. Our door panels are available with three different types of upholstery:

  • Black vertical pleated vinyl
  • Red vertical pleated vinyl
  • White vertical pleated vinyl

These three different upholstery options are made from the same fabric and using the same design process that we use in creating our bomber style seats, meaning that you can create a fully matching look for a truly eye-catching interior look.

We currently offer door panels that fit seven different versions of the Ford Model A.

  • 1928/29 Coupe & Sedan
  • 1928/29 Pickup
  • 1930/31 Coupe
  • 1930/31 Pickup & Sedan

The Ford Model A: A Hot Rodding Favorite

Hells Gate Hot Rods currently focuses our door panel offerings on the 1928-1931 Ford Model A due to it being a favorite in the hot rodding community. Keep reading for a list of what makes the Model A so unique when it was introduced, as compiled by the Henry Ford Organization:

  • Safety: Part of what makes the Model A so unique is that they’re safe enough to be driven on today’s roads. This means that, rather than sitting in your garage collecting dust like many vintage vehicles, your Model A can be shown off on the roads around town. Most of today’s Model A’s can comfortably reach speeds of 40-45 miles per hour, making it much faster than previous production vehicles of the time. Additionally, the Model A uniquely has a mechanical brake system on its wheels, which is a safer alternative to the Model T’s, which are on the transmission.
  • Drivability: The Ford Model A was the first Ford to use a standardized control system with a gas pedal, gear-shift, and brake pedal that are familiar to modern drivers. Because of this, owners of the Model A could spend less time reading a manual to figure out how to drive their hot rod and more time enjoying it on the road.
  • Accessible Replacement Parts: Although the Model A was only manufactured from 1928-1931, over five million were made. As a result, it’s relatively easy to find original or aftermarket hot rod parts for your Model A (many of which you can find right here, at Hells Gate Hot Rods).
  • Affordability: Because so many Model A’s were made, the supply is greater, thus decreasing their cost, especially in comparison to other vintage vehicles. They were also very economical back in the day.
  • Style: One of the biggest reasons that hot rod enthusiasts get into hot rodding in the first place is because of how beautiful a well-restored or well-built vintage car can be. The Model A is no exception. With over 36 different body styles, there is a Model A for everybody.

The Ford Model A: A Brief Introduction

The Ford Model A, which was first introduced in December of 1927, was Ford’s answer to the growing competition in the new automotive industry. The Model A replaced the Model T, which had been produced by Ford from October 1908 through May of 1927. The Model T was a revolutionary vehicle, widely regarded as the first automobile accessible to the middle-class American consumer. With over 16.5 million sold, the Ford Model T remains in the list of the top ten cars sold of all time.

As technology advanced and the automobile industry became more saturated with competitors, Ford introduced the Model A, an upgraded version of the Model T. The Model A had unique features such as safety glass in the windshield, an optional rear view mirror, and a 40 horsepower engine that could reach cruising speeds up to 45 miles per hour.

Although the Ford Model A was only manufactured from 1928-1931, its historical importance and unique features have solidified its place on the list of great historical cars.

Premium Hot Rod Parts For Your Ford Model A

Hells Gate Hot Rods is proud to offer a variety of hot rod parts perfect for your Ford Model A. Along with our door panels and bomber style seats, we carry many parts necessary to building a Ford Model A and keeping it in great working condition. Some of these parts include chassis, Stromberg 97 carburetors and more.

To learn more about how Hells Gate Hot Rods can help you find high-quality, affordable hot rod parts for your hot rod, contact us. Also, be sure to check out our customer reviews and photos to hear straight from our customers’ mouths.

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