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hot rod partsPLEASE NOTE: We have acquired this product from Rotten Leonard’s Jalopy Shop. We will be using the original tooling and same quality material to produce the Plasma Tracer.

Reproduce parts quickly and accurately with a professional grade Plasma Tracer from Hells Gate Hot Rods. This plasma tracer will take patterns made from any material, then cut a finished part from steel or aluminum using your own handheld plasma cutter. If you ever need to make more than just one part, this can do it effortlessly and accurately without spending thousands on a computer controlled plasma table.

The stand is for display only. The tool mounts to a 2” Schedule 40 pipe that can be purchased at your local steel supplier – saving you the cost of shipping.

The tracer works by having your hand held plasma torch mounted directly below a removable stylus. The stylus is used to trace patterns that can be made from almost any material. You can trace the outside in any direction. It can also trace the inside of a pattern hole. As the pattern is traced above, the plasma torch is moving in the same shape down below. This simple tool will let you design patterns out of easily cut materials (plastic, wood, aluminum cardboard, thin sheet metal, etc), then rapidly and accurately reproduce them.

About the Plasma Tracer

  • Quickly and accurately duplicate parts and patterns
  • Make multiple copies that are exactly the same with minimal time in between
  • Adapts easily to any hand held plasma torch
  • Accepts patterns made from almost any material (steel, aluminum, wood, plastic, etc)
  • Operates on a 48″ radius from the stand pipe (not included)
  • Works on both the inside or the outside of patterns.
  • Speeds up production – saving time and money

Plasma Tracer U-fab Kit

With this kit, save money and build your own plasma tracing machine! The kit includes all CNC (Computer numerical controlIn manufacturing, computer numerical control is the automated control of machining tools by means of a computer, in which a machine operates on a piece of material to fabricate it to precise specifications) brackets, machined bearing cups, bearings, torch pivot tube, pattern holder brackets, and detailed instructions.

All steel tubing and framework will need to be purchased locally to complete the fabrication of the complete tracer.

Plasma Tracer Q&A

Q: How do we trigger the torch?
A: You control the torch with one hand just as you would if using it free hand, and with the other hand you control the movement of the stylus around the pattern.

Q: Is that the pattern you are replicating that is clamped at the top of the arm? How large can the stencil/pattern be?
A: The Plasma Tracer operates on a 48-inch radius from the standpipe, you can make your pattern up to that size. The pattern holder that comes with it is 24” long as that is what will fit in the box. If you would like to make larger patterns, you would have to fabricate a larger pattern holder.

Q: How has this device worked out for those who purchased it?
A: It works great for tracing. Customers have built a dedicated grate table for the slag to go through. Customers tell me all the time they get a lot of use out of this item and it made them all the money it cost and more in a very short time period. It is a great cost effective alternative to spending thousands on a computer controlled machine. It also takes up a lot less room in your shop compared to a dedicated machine table.

Q: How accurate is the tracer?
A: It depends how steady you are, and how good your tracing template is made. Our tracer is well made. The tracer will cut your exact movement so ultimately you are in control so accuracy is highly dependent upon the one using this tracer.

Q: Stand pipe …. What type and size of pipe?
A: It clamps to a standard schedule 40 2” pipe found at your local steel supplier.

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