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I was looking to get a Header Plate made for My Odd O.H.C. Engine; No aftermarket plates available. Well I went to a lazer cutter locally and explained what I needed for my Engine.

He wanted a minimum of $200; and it could run even more. I saw “Andy Heitmann’s” Ad on E-bay; selling Exhaust engine plates for popular engines. I contacted Andy and he was able to cut a header plate from a marker drawing made on gasket material. I was amazed how accurate it was. And he was able to come in under half the cost. I would recommend Andy’s company, he is very dedicated and will get the job done and in good time and a fair price.
Gary Dixon
Willys 6 Racing Garage - Oskaloosa, Iowa
Thank you for the friendly service. Both the header and intake kits were well thought out and top notch quality. It also felt good knowing that my money was going to a fellow hot rodder.
Nice pieces Andy! Got them today.. I’m a CNC machinist and I can’t make them for myself cheaper than what you sell them for. Thanks.
Just a quick note to say thanks for the flanges, they fit perfect and are nicer than I expected for the price. I'll be sure to refer anyone I can to your business, you produce high quality parts at very reasonable prices. Thanks again, it's nice to connect with a great hot rod fabricator.
Phillips Sweet
I received the flanges I ordered from you on Ebay. Here is another use for them. I needed to space my stock intake up a little to be able to use the Moon finned valley pan. It worked great. 1" risers were available but I really didn't need that much for clearance and they were twice the money. Your intake plates were a perfect fit and matched the gaskets exactly. The 3/8 thickness was just right to clear my valley pan helping to make the intake look stock. Thanks again for the quick service and superior work you do.
Mel Eggleston
Boise, Idaho
I'd highly recommend this manifold kit to anyone considering building a multiple carb log manifold. Well thought out kit, excellent fit and priced right. It was the face lift this ugly old Caddy needed. Thanks!
Mike Szczepanski
Hi, A couple of pics for what happened to your flanges. I welded junk to them!
I bought a set of header flanges from you a while back for my 1953 Buick Special with a 263 straight 8 and I thought you might like to see a finished header based off of your flanges. I was very happy with the quality of the flanges, you do great work.
Bryan Marsh
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