In addition to manufacturing and selling hot rod parts, Hells Gate Hot Rods also offers services including the engineering, design, and manufacturing of custom parts; Fabrication; TIG and MIG welding; and hot rod/custom car building. We also do product manufacturing for individual company product lines. If you’re interested in requisitioning us for custom work, be sure to check out a few of our builds and contact us.



We use structured light 3D scanners to help document existing part data or vehicles.  With this data, we can design accompanying parts or redesign a similar part.  Specifically we use this scanner in development of new chassis designs and fitment modeling. 


Computer-aided design plays a key role in the design and development process.  This allows us to efficiently work through design iterations and use the software to decrease time from start to finish product.  2D CAD is used for our more simple projects such as flat part design and initial layouts.  3D CAD is used for more extensive projects and assemblies such as chassis design and our engine front drive system.


Our philosophy on suspension geometry design is to start with the end goals in mind and work back towards each component’s design.  This allows for a no-compromised approach and not settling on a design in order to use OEM or aftermarket parts just to make manufacturing easier.  We believe it needs to be specific to each application and just not modified to “mostly work good.”



Bringing 3D printing capabilities in-house has allowed us to prototype parts faster and more efficiently.  The process also allows for us to make custom one-off parts for our customer builds and has become a very cost effective solution for parts such as wire and hose holders.  


CNC Mill/Lathe are the most commonly used machines for a wide variety of manufacturing in the shop.  They help with manufacturing of parts in both steel and aluminum.  CNC controlled to allow for part repeatability whether it be for just a few parts or several hundred.    


Automation of flat plate parts (primarily steel) has allowed for significant time savings and cost for our own products as well as custom parts used in our customer builds.  It is also a common process used for short run production parts and private label manufacturing.  2D CAD is used to design the unique parts quickly and have it cut out in-house.


With capabilities to bend up to 5 feet in length and over 30 tons of bending pressure, this machine allows for many of the flat parts to be bent and fit in one piece rather than multi-part welded assemblies.  Both the backstop and bend angle are precisely controlled so repeatability and speed of bending are dramatically increased from manual bending machines.  This machine is used for both short run production and heavy for chassis component manufacturing.


With current capabilities to bend round tubing from 1″ to 2″ OD and 1″ square tubing, this allows for custom roll cages, harness bars, chassis structure and more to be built in-house.  


Primarily our chassis and parts are welding using the TIG process but MIG is also an option for thicker materials and to save time for production.  We are set up with multiple machines in both processes in order to be able to provide the best solution for the task required.



We provide CNC machining services for short production runs whether it be for smaller orders or even several hundred.  Finding a shop that will machine smaller orders at a decent price can be tough to find.  We want to help provide that service as we understand smaller businesses and startups need sources to rely on and not require large minimum order quantities.  


These type of parts typically use a multitude of processes or machines to complete the product.  Often times fixtures and jigs are created in-house to facilitate repeatability and consistency throughout the production process.  We understand and can help provide information/suggestions on manufacturing process and a cost effective solution for our customers.  No request/job is too small.