1.75″ Mandrel Bend – 70 degree


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Includes 1-3/4″ OD, 70 degree mandrel bend made from mild steel exhaust tubing.  This product is sold per bend but multiples can be ordered and shipping will be combined.


Outside Diameter (OD) – 1-3/4” (1.75”)

Wall Thickness – 0.065”

Bend Degree – 70

Bend Centerline Radius – 2.5”

Length of leg – approximately 4″ & 6”

Material – Mild Steel (Not Aluminized)

4 reviews for 1.75″ Mandrel Bend – 70 degree

  1. Brian Fahey (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

  2. Darrell Mullins (verified owner)

    After getting a lake style header Kit from Hells Gate Hot Rods for my 241 Hemi 34 Dodge pickup project. I lined up a pro Tig welder the only problem was that he wanted me to rough the fit and angles. The left side went pretty good the welder did an excellent job which I expected since he built his own Bonneville 200 mph roadster. The right side did not go quite as smoothly trying to match all the angles and bends after I burned through a 70 degree bend spot welding it, I had to order a new one that was a perfect match and shipped fast. Long story short… Have Hells Gate Hot Rods build your headers save time and money and keep your project moving forward and leave the pipes to the PROS.
    Thanks for the excellent parts!
    Northern California

  3. Anonymous

    I bought their lake header kit for my Red Ram Hemi powered roadster. Excellent quality and when I needed to get a few more 70 degree mandrel bends they matched the previously purchased parts precisely.

  4. Anonymous


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