Chevrolet Late 6 Cyl 194-292 Exhaust Flange


Includes one pair of exhaust flange for the Chevrolet 6 cylinder 194, 215, 230, 250, 292 motor (see motor applications below).  These flanges are cut with a CNC HD (High Definition) Plasma cutter out of 3/8” Pickled and Oiled (P&O) steel.  P&O material is hot rolled steel that has been dipped in acid to remove the mill scale and then a light coated lightly with oil to prevent rusting.  The end result is less work to clean off the mill scale as needed with hot rolled mild steel.


Motor Application:

Chevrolet 6 cylinder

            194 cu. in (1962-67)

            230 cu. in (1963-70)

            250 cu. in (1966-84)

            292 cu. in (1963-89)

 GMC 6 cylinder

            194 cu. in (1965-66)

            230 cu. in (1964-68)

            250 cu. in (1969-75)

 Pontiac 6 cylinder

            215 cu. in (1964-65)

            *more applications/years may work, verify before purchasing.


Ports designed to be used with 2” exhaust tubing.


These flanges are designed in CAD and are test fit on an actual head to make sure proper fitment is achieved.


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