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Now, you can reproduce parts quickly and accurately.  A plasma tracer will save tons of time by allowing you to make patterns out of almost any material, then cut a finished part from steel or aluminum.  If you ever need to make more than just one part this is the tool for you.


The stand is for display only, tool mounts to a 2″ OD steel tube that can be purchased at your local steel supplier to save shipping cost.


Note: New tracers are now powder coated orange instead of blue as shown in the photo

5 reviews for Plasma Tracer

  1. Nick Smith (verified owner)

  2. Keith (verified owner)

  3. donnie salazar (verified owner)

    Price was a little high

  4. TIM LEATH (verified owner)

  5. Barry (verified owner)

    fast shipping and packaging,
    a few things,
    the U bolt was to short to clamp on a 2″ pipe OD, so I had to change that and re drill the bracket, that holds the template,

    and I took a exhaust clamp and welded a tab on it that accept a 3/8 inch bolt and then tool “All thread” and welded a nut on it so I put on the bottom of the arm base clamping bolt, by doing this the ability to raise the arms or lower with some precision, is much easier, by loosing the clap bolts and truing a nut on the all thread one can raise and lower the arms/unit.

    one more alteration was to add a small section of angle on the torch holder, so it would hold a curved handled torch better,

    one other thing I did as well was change the top template arm so it was L shaped and lined up with the cut table I have it on, instead of diagonal so I can line up the material I am cutting with the pattern much easier, I plan on spring loading the tracing pin, as well so one can move it to the pattern/template if it has internal cuts and out of the pattern/template as well,

    when I made the bracket for the supporting tube, I took a section of pipe that was about 2 3/4″ inches, on the inside of the pipe, and drilled and taped it for 3/8 bolts, there were three of bolts and made two of these brackets, and welded them to an angle iron, and bolted this to the cutting table, I made it this way to be able able to adjust the pipe, so the arms (tip of torch) were equal distance from the table ( work piece) in all locations of the table,

    with a few small improvements this machine is a very good unit,and is very workable just as it is,

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