Reverse Pedal Assembly – Manual



Reverse oriented pedal assembly is designed to be mounted up under the dash with the master cylinders mounted backwards facing towards the driver and eliminate the master cylinders from mounting on the firewall.  This cleans up the look of the hot rod and allows for a more modern brake pedal setup without having to see them.

Pedal assembly does not include the master cylinders but are shown for display.

We can add them onto the order, just give us a call and we can figure out what bore size is best for your setup and get them included as part of the pedal package.

Pedal setup designed to be used with Wilwood remove reservoir, universal single master cylinder.

Brake pedal is set up using a Wilwood balance bar to help dial in front and rear proportioning and allow for the perfect pedal setup and stopping power requirements for almost all applications.

Pedal arms are built from 3/8″ thick 304 stainless steel.  This allows the customer to sand and polish the arms if desired to create that unique look and add some shine to your interior setup.  Pedal arms currently are only offered in plain finish until we figure out polishing needs and setup.

Pedal assembly can be used in a combination of drum/drum, disc/drum and disc/disc brakes.


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