Toyota Tacoma IFS Kit (1995-2004)


1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma 2wd Pickup

Air Bag Front Suspension Kit

  • This complete front suspension package is engineered specifically for the 1st generation Tacoma 2wd pickup, with primary goal for our kit is to maintain proper suspension geometry & alignment while providing a premium quality ride.
    • The kit is designed with 10” of total wheel travel and no binding or ball joint interference issues at any point.
    • It is designed fundamentally around the Slam Specialties RE-7 air bag, but for those of you who want to use a different manufacturer’s parts, there are universal mounting options as well.
    • The Bilstein shocks we use were chosen specifically because of their travel capacity and internal valve rate (valve rate is what determines how soft/firm the ride quality is). This means that you don’t get some random, over-the-counter shock, that was chosen because of cost or fitment with no concern about ride quality – our shocks were chosen because they are the right shock for the application.
    • We also went through the trouble to cure the two biggest issues associated with bagging the 1st Gen Tacoma: flipping the ball joints and tearing the upper bag mount off the frame. By designing drop spindles and a lower arm from scratch, we were able to eliminate the need for flipping the ball joints and were able to develop an upper bag mount that both reinforces the thin factory frame and braces the stock upper A-arm mount, which actually gets used for installation alignment.
    • The upper and lower A-arms are a boxed “sheet metal” design and use all laser cut parts. Sheet metal parts may take more time to fabricate, but they allow us to use internal gusseting to put the strength where needed, which keeps the parts clean and elegant instead of round and boring or thick and heavy.
  • Kit includes all necessary hardware for installation and uses AN or custom machined hardware at all stressed points to insure proper fitment and strength.
  • Our fabricated spindles have 2 different drop options: 2” and 3”. This helps keep the suspension geometry from being pushed outside of its design parameters *see notes below to see which spindle drop is best for you*. Our spindles also utilize uniballs instead of traditional ball joints, to prevent binding at the extremes of the travel.
    • 2” drop spindle = Allows for up to 24” tall tire (typically used with 17-18” wheels)
    • 3” drop spindle = Allows for up to 26” tall tire (Typically used with 20” wheels)
  • Kit allows for a few different brake options to be utilized such as factory style brakes as well as upgraded Wilwood brakes (rotors and calipers).
  • There is some welding required for this kit and it is NOT a 100% bolt-in kit. That being said, the installation and welding can be completed by the average builder and welding capabilities.  Inconsistencies within the Toyota frames and manufacturing tolerances do not allow for the strut rods to be pre-fabricated as lengths may need to vary by up to ½” depending on each specific installation.  All parts and complete instructions are included to allow you to follow step-by-step and complete the installation.
  • Modifications to the stock chassis include:
    • Remove the strut mount from upper a-arm/frame mount
    • Cut a rectangle hole in side of frame rail for upper air bag mount installation; there will be a pattern provided.
  • Kit allows for 2 different track width options as well:
    • Stock Track Width
    • 2” Narrower track width (Requires use of Wilwood hubs and brakes)
  • Custom strut rod crossmember option available as well **this does not replace the main crossmember that the rack-and-pinion is bolted to**. Features include:
    • Integrated skid plate in center
    • Replaceable if ever damaged
    • Changes strut rod pivot angle from factory to allow for bushings to be used instead of spherical uniball bearings
    • Does not change location or height therefore protects steering rack.
  • NOTE: This kit does NOT allow the truck to lay frame, but it will lay crossmember. In order to lay frame, the front crossmember needs to be Z’d so that the factory crossmember is at the same height as the frame rails.


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