Chevrolet LS – Low Mount Alternator & Power Steering (Brackets Only)


Front Accessory Drive system to mount an alternator and power steering pump tuck down low for a Chevrolet LS series engine.

This allows for a nice and clean setup with accessories mounted low and allows the top of the engine to remain clean looking and not cluttered while also maintaining serpentine function.

This kit comes complete with all the hardware and custom machined brackets/plates needed to bolt on accessories (alternator and power steering pump).  The system can also be purchase with all required parts including water pump, tensioner, alternator, power steering pump, harmonic balancer, custom brackets and all hardware (see other product listing).

All hardware included to bolt on accessories and brackets is provided in stainless steel

Product numbers and details for accessories the kit is designed to be used with will be included as part of the package contents so you can purchase through your own sources/suppliers as desired.

All brackets are machined at our shop from 6061 aluminum on a CNC mill and come in raw finish.


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