Buick Nailhead 364-425 Exhaust Flange


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One pair of exhaust flanges for the Buick Nailhead hot rod motor (see motor applications below).  These flanges are cut with a CNC HD (High Definition) Plasma cutter out of 3/8” Pickled and Oiled (P&O) steel.  P&O material is hot rolled steel that has been dipped in acid to remove the mill scale and then a light coated lightly with oil to prevent rusting.  The end result is less work to clean off the mill scale as needed with hot rolled mild steel.


Motor Application:

  Buick Nailhead

            364 cu. in (1957-61)

            401 cu in (1959-66)

            425 cu in (1963-66)


Ports designed to be used with 1 5/8” exhaust tubing.


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